Monday, 23 November 2020

6 Reasons To Buy Less, Buy Better this Black Friday

 If the past year has taught me anything it's about not succumbing to Black Friday marketing. I'm all for sale shopping don't get me wrong. I recommend shopping designer pieces in the sale but what I don't recommend is buying because there is a discount something that's going to end up in landfill in a few months time. 

Having spent the best part of my twenties doing that exact thing my thirties have been about a more considered approach. On a journey to being more sustainable (I know everyone is saying this and what does it even mean) but to me it's about thinking and waiting before I buy anything because DO I NEED IT? Or do I just WANT it?. It's more often the latter. So I have a 24hr rule. Zara still gets me every now and again but I've really left my high street hoarding days behind and after 24hrs I can't even remember why I wasted an hr scrolling to find said item in my size.

That said I am one for shopping smart and to last. That's why the sales are actually the best and smartest way to shop. Here's what's on my wishlist and why.

1. Can you ever have too many pyjamas? This time of year is all about comfort and not only do comfortable pyjamas help aid a good nights sleep they also make you feel good. These are from a new find. Independent brand Honna. let's do our bit to support the small guys this year. If you are making a purchase do check out my small biz highlights on instagram for some of my favourites.

Nightshirt at Honna London

2. T-Shirts to make you smile. Dress to make you happy and if this constant smiley face reminder doesn't do the job then you need to look in the mirror a lot more.

Ganni at Net a Porter

3. We're all spending a lot more time at home so all the more reason to invest in some pieces that will elevate your space. There will always be flowers.

Hay at Farfetch - In fact the entire homeware range is dreamy.

4. An excellent in between seasons coat doesn't get better than the new Alexa Chung X Barbour collection. Two British brands doing what they do best and absolutely nailing it. This is the kind of piece that won't go out of fashion and that your kids and grandkids will be arguing over.

Alexa Chung X Barbour at Farfetch

5. The exception to the rule. Because everyone needs to dream right?

Gucci Hair Clip at Farfetch

6. If I can sneak this onto the sofa without my fiancé noticing then it will be mine! (Probably not then). 

Projectkitny at Liberty London

What's on your wishlist?

Zeena x

This post features some affiliate links, if you chose to make a purchase using one of my links I receive a small kick back. Thanks so much for your support! 


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