Tuesday, 8 May 2018

How to Print your own Fabric with Spoonflower

It's been a while since i've sewn anything for myself, i'm always sewing for clients or friends so there was no better excuse than the Spoonflower Spring round up. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of. I also have to admit as a screen printer and hand print addict it was my first EVER Spoonflower order (GASP!). So I was very keen to see the difference between my hand printed fabrics and their digitally printed ones.

If you've never heard of Spoonflower they are a platform from which you can create print on demand fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, home decor and printed patterns. You simply upload a pattern of your choice or choose from one of their many and off you go. As a print designer I of course had to design my own print despite being very tempted by the incredible selection they offer. Inspired by my love of traditional mark making I went for a simple all over brush marks print i'd designed a number of years ago. 

I seem to be drawn to yellows and citrines ๐Ÿ’›at the moment so went for that colour way right away plus it being a Spring round up it was the perfect palette. I also worked it up in navy because you just can't go wrong with navy. FACT.  

If you're wondering how to turn a drawing into a repeat pattern that you can then print on demand like this one there's a great tutorial here i'd really recommend. It's much easier than it looks too.

Spoonflower have so many lovely fabrics to choose from it can seem an impossible task to know which to go for. I'd recommend ordering a sample pack so you can check out the look and feel of their selection before you buy. The print colour density also varies acorss the different types of fabric so it you have a particular look in mind then do get the samples. I did this and went for the linen cotton canvas ultra a gorgeous natural fabric with a bit of weight and nice texture. When it arrived I found it to be really lovely when printed and it washed well too. I love the more natural fabrics personally but have to say they have a great selection of velvets and more too that i'd love to try in the future.

It took me forever to decide what to make with my fabric when it arrived (I couldn't get over how good it looked and that it hadn't turned out to be a total disaster). I've always been more drawn to interiors projects like cushion making so I decided to mix it up and go for some dressmaking instead. I have been in love with independent sewing brand In The Folds patterns for a long time now and haven't had an excuse to make one until now. Even better this pattern is FREE over on Peppermint magazine. It's an advanced beginner so perfect for my rusty sewing skills.

It was a dream to sew, super simple and straight forward instructions meant I had it done in no time at all. I will say the pattern comes up on the bigger side so you might want to size down unless you like the oversized look. It's also quite long as it's designed for someone much taller than me so I ended up being lazy and rolling up the bottoms which looks great and saved me turning up the hems (total cheat!) but if you'd rather a cleaner finish then i'd suggest shortening on the pattern. 

As I was time poor (as usual) I also skipped adding any pockets which I totally regret as I love pockets in clothing, they're so handy. I mean where do you put your phone? So i'll be doing some unpicking this weekend and adding them in. 

So here it is my finished jumpsuit with some sunshine to go with it, I hope you like it. Thank you Spoonflower for sending me this dreamy fabric, it's already had lots of lovely comments on it's first wear today. If you'd like to order some of my brush marks print for a sewing project or have a go at uploading your own design you can do here.

Happy making!

Zeena X

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