Sunday, 5 September 2010


i've just reached a lovely 400 followers on twitter
thank you all for following me! 
I promise to keep you entertained!
as a thank you treat you can win one of my 
little owl's called clive.
just leave a comment and follow my blog 
and a winner will be randomly chosen next week!
heart zeena x


  1. congratulations!all these milestones are quite gratifying. and thank you for such a gorgeous giveaway...count me in ;-)

  2. your stuff is so very inspiring, thank you! :-)

  3. I love the name Clive for your little owl! Congrats on reaching 400 followers :)

  4. Well done at reaching 400! And I was pretty pleased with my 40.

    Owl is so cute...I'm now following. x

  5. congrats on the followers!

    this is adorable :)

  6. Hey I've only just came across your blog, its so lovely and pretty.. Clive is super cute! Do you by any chance make dog prints or just birds? I'm now following your blog and on twitter.. If you get chance check out my blog. Amy - Vintage Reflection x

  7. I'm a new follower on bloglovin', this is such a great blog! I love Clive he's so cute!!

  8. Love love LOVE Clive! & congrats on all your followers! xx

  9. thank you everyone for such lovely comments! i might even have to give away two owlies! xx

  10. ooohh! Just found your blog via Hanmade's blog - it's great discovering new people! Love the birdie themes. Haven't got into Twitter as I spend too much time on the computer already...but now following your blog! Love Clive

  11. hi! love all your little creatures and would love to give this cute owl a nice home :)

  12. hii :)
    I just found your blog too and I'm so happy I did, your crafty creatures are adoorable, they are soo cute. And Clive isn't too shabby either :p
    I'm following you on twitter noww, and congraats on the 400! Wow

  13. Following already- Clive is really cute, I'm a big owl fan and your work is beautiful x

  14. Hello! I love Clive, I need him in my life xx

  15. Congrats on the 400 followers :)

    I love God but I have choosen Clive.

    I want to be friend with Clive!!!
    Nice and cute blog!

  16. ode to Clive,
    who looks so wise,
    he always knows what to say,
    when things don't always go my way,

    And in my darkest hours,
    he twit a woo's my sorrows,
    which helps, make a better tomorrow.

    Thank you Clive,
    for being you.
    And i hope someone will love you,
    as much as I do.

  17. Congrats hun! :o)the owl is too cute! xXx

  18. 400 followers and rising!! Clive is possibly the cutest thing ever.. and would look lovely with my other owl collectables ;o)

    Good luck with the next milestone..

  19. What a fab owl, I think the name Clive is perfect!

    Where in East London are you as I would love to come along and do a feature on one of your guerilla evenings. My blog is Emma ;)

  20. Clive is fab..and a great name for a little owl!

    I'm working on an owl myself..well half owl and a story to go with her...though she is more of a sad little creature and I think Clive must be more suave and cute.

  21. Oh Clive, you need to come and live with me - I have another little wol to keep you company. She is green and called Penelope :)

  22. Already a follower. I think Clive would be very happy living with me. He'd want for nothing!

  23. thank you all for entering my little give-a-way! and for your even lovelier comments winners will be announced later today! xx


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