Monday, 30 September 2019

Countryside Glamour - What to wear this Autumn Winter

It's October tomorrow... How on earth did that happen? It feels like just last week I was swanning around in floral summer dresses and sandals. I think it must be true as you get older time truly does fly by. And with the 1st of October is the arrival of Autumn/ Winter one of my favourite seasons. Mostly because it's my birthday month (yes month I am one of those people) and because I love this in between time of year almost as much as I like twixmas That just before it turns into tights weather and just after the last bit of September sunshine.

I can't wait to start getting snuggly and layering my dresses with cosy knits and I'm super excited to be working with the wonderful brand Traffic People again to share some pieces from their new Autumn Winter collection. Perfect if you're not sure what to wear in the coming months I've selected some of my favourite picks from their new collection and taken them to the Yorkshire countryside! Because where else would you take a beautiful printed dress right? You might remember my trip to windy Devon earlier this year with their beautiful Spring collection.

Leopard print has become a second skin and new neutral in my opinion. It's a timeless print that has been refreshed in glorious green here. I adore the shape of this dress, it's so flattering and brings all the glamour. 

I was instantly drawn to the rusty colour of this dress, the perfect autumnal shade and a polka dot print. Scroll down to see the other pieces I chose for our weekend trip to the countryside. 

I've tagged the items I'm wearing in the images below if you'd like to update your Autumn/ Winter wardrobes with a piece that will last through the trends.

Blue Pinstriped Jumpsuit  / Rust polka dot maxi / Floral Jumpsuit / Boho Green Leopard Print Dress

This post is sponsored by Traffic People, a huge thank you for such beautiful pieces to treasure [ All garments have been gifted as part of the partnership].


Wednesday, 29 May 2019

What you should be doing with the photos you take on your smart phone

I have a confession to make I currently have over 60 thousand photos stored on my iPhone XR and I wonder why an icloud notification keeps popping up and telling me to upgrade my almost full storage...

When you stop and take a moment to think about it, it is truly amazing that anyone with a smart phone can take a high quality photo or video and whats more that this clever phone tech means that often the quality can be better than a digital camera! Throw back to my teens and getting my first compact digital 5 megapixel camera, did you have one of those? I was so excited it was the first time you were able to see photo previews on screen in a large format. My mind was blown back then too. 

So what to do with all those images... i've just arrived back to London with a whole load of holiday snaps. I spent the last two weeks in Mexico and it was utterly amazing (but more on that in another post) what I realised is that i'd been snapping away and hadn't really stopped to review my photos or make some selects as I might do on one of my photoshoots. I'd decided i'd come back to it later and as I scroll through my library there are a lot of holidays, birthdays, memories that i'd thought i'd come back to.   

Lucky for me the wonderful folks at Papier got in touch with the perfect solution. If you haven't heard of them before they make the most beautiful personalised stationery and photo books. Of course a photo book! I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of that before i'd made one once for a friends birthday years and years ago and remember it being terrible quality but knowing how lovely Papier's stationery is I wanted to give them a try. I started to select 15-20 of my favourite images from our trip to Santorini last summer editing them on my phone - I use free app's called Vsco and Snapseed you can also download the photoshop app if you have the desktop package and use your login there too if you prefer.

I hoped onto the website where you can easily upload images from your device and drop them into a layout of your choice. I went for one of the square colour block designs in pink of course as it lent itself really well to the images of our Santorini trip i'd chosen for the book itself. I got rather excited and added some extra pages and decided to order another one from our holiday to Mauritius the year before. I went for a minimalist landscape design for this one. They arrived in just as good quality as i'd expected too. The images printed darker so i'd recommend making sure you brighten then up before you add them to your photo book. Now i'm off to design another one for our Mexico 2019 adventures.

PS. They've got 30% off until the 10th of June 2019. Use the code ZOOM at the checkout.

This post is sponsored by Papier they kindly gifted me the two photo books in this post filled with memories that I shall truly treasure.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

DIY - Pretty Paper Craft Spring Wreath

I'm bringing Spring to my front door this month with some help from the lovely folks at Hobbycraft (craft supply heaven) and will be showing you how easy it is to make this pretty paper cut wreath. It's pastel of course and is going to be staying on my front door all year round! 

You will need:
You can find all of the materials over on the Hobbycraft website, i've linked them above for you to easily find the bits I used.

Step 1

First of all wrap the raffia lengths one by one around the polystyrene wreath securing to the back with glue and tucking in the ends as you move through the lengths. 

Step 2

Once you've wrapped the entire wreath shape then tidy the ends tucking them into others or trimming them with scissors. Use a little glue if you'd like them really neat. 

Step 3

Cut out a selection of shapes from the coloured paper either by hand using a scalpel and cutting mat or using a Cricut machine like me. If you haven't seen one before it's going to blow your mind. It's a table top paper cutter. You can draw your own designs and simply upload them onto the Cricut app which then cleverly cuts the shapes out of paper or fabric or vinyls... i've yet to try all of the many options but can't wait. I have the Cricut Air 2 model and have to say it is amazing! I was so impressed at the cutting time and literally made this project in an afternoon.

Step 4

Then all you need to do is peel the paper cut shapes away and attach them to your wreath using a glue gun or strong glue.

Ta da! As simple at that, do let me know if you have any questions and if you make one do tag me @heartzeena I love seeing your creations.

A huge thank you to Hobbycraft who sponsored all of the materials for this make.


Saturday, 13 April 2019

Easter crafting inspiration with Hobbycraft

Last week I popped along to celebrate some Spring crafting with the fabulous folks at Hobbycraft . The event was hosted by One Roof Social at a lovely London venue called Carousel. I spent the afternoon crafting some floral Easter wreaths using products from their spring collection. Scroll down to see what we got up to and my faux floral wreath that will be lovely hanging up over the Easter weekend and beyond. You could make a version with fresh flowers but the great thing about the florals we used from Hobbycraft is that they're fake... And so my wreath will last forever!

Thank you to the One Roof team for such a lovely afternoon. You can find all the materials over on the Hobbycraft website. Happy making!  

Monday, 25 March 2019

Desperately seeking spring

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for the seasons to change and Spring to really arrive. There is something so magical about this time of year as the mornings grow brighter and the evenings get lighter there’s a feeling of change in the air. The daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops pop their heads out of the ground and there’s suddenly some colour after the grey and dark of the winter months. 

Colour has a very similar affect to sunshine with it's mood boosting properties it can work wonders for mental health and wellbeing. If it's grey and sad outside it most definitely doesn't need to be so everywhere and simply adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe can change a mood considerably and it definitely does mine. 

I've always loved colour and been drawn to it throughout my life. It's become an important part of my career as an art director, designer, stylist and maker and something that always inspires me. Now more so than ever I find myself wearing colour on a daily basis too. I have ditched the black, navy and grey garments from my wardrobe (that are still very loved) and turned to the more rainbow brights instead. I am naturally a very positive person anyway but have to admit I am filled with utter joy when wearing colour be it a bright red jumpsuit, pastel stripes or a pink and yellow floral frilled dress. 

When the gorgeous British brand Traffic People got in touch about partnering with them to share some of their new collection with my readers I was so excited especially as their collections are so full of colour and pattern. The brand began their story on Portobello market in West London, a place i'd often go to find inspiration and source vintage pieces for my much smaller wardrobe back when I was an art student. I'm sharing four dreamy outfits perfect for the soon to arrive Spring and Summer and Wedding seasons with you all from their collection. 

Ironically it was absolutely freezing and a very grey day when I decided to hop on a train down to Devon to tell the story of these beautiful pieces. Beside the sea alongside the fitting colourful beach huts is where I headed. Luckily the sunshine came out for us in the end... and I now have even more appreciation for models!

I've styled these pieces really simply and true to my own personal style with golden hoop earrings, mucky old converse, colourful statement socks (if you follow me over on instagram you'll know I pay particular of attention to my socks) and a raffia headband. Colour is so easy to wear if you're thinking to yourself how on earth do I wear colour... you simply just have to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Once you know which shade suits you then the rest is easy. As I have dark hair and skin I suit bolder shades like oranges and softer pale yellows which if you are very fair will either contrast too much or wash you out completely. I like to pick one statement colour and pair it with neutrals so for example a red jumpsuit will look fabulous with nude shoes or a raffia headband. Once you know what works for you it can become a recipe to create and style your wardrobe.

I hope this post has inspired you all to wear more colour and take a peek at Traffic People's colourful new collections. Now let's hope the sunshine comes out for us all soon. 

Here are the links for each of the items I wore #Fallinlovewithtp
Red Frill Jumpsuit / Striped Wrap Dress / Floral Ruffle Dress 

This post is sponsored by Traffic People, a huge thank you to them for Spring outfits that really do spark joy!


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The Lilac Edit

Lilac, mauve, pale purple, grey blue, whatever you call it lilac is going to be a big trend this year. Following it's debut as Pantone's colour of the year in 2018 it's been creeping into wardrobes and interiors trends ever since.

If you follow me over on instagram you'll know I am a huge lilac fan, i'm mean i'll take any pastel colour. Dressing colourfully for me sparks joy and here are my top picks for a March wardrobe update. Lots of these pieces will be timeless as you can't go wrong with knitwear or a polka dot dress. Style with whites, neutrals or more pastels. 
Plus there's even some sale bargains...

Happy shopping!

Zeena X

PS. This post contains affiliate links, this means I may earn a very small % of any sales that are made through the link, this doesn't add any cost to you it just helps me run my blog and pay for the monthly hosting :) 
Thank you for reading!

Monday, 25 February 2019

3 ways you should be using instagram

I've been spending lots of time with friends lately (one of my 2019 goals is to work less at the weekend and see friends more) one topic that keeps coming up amongst many of them is how we use social media, especially instagram in our day to day lives and it's not taking a bathroom selfie. There has been lots of negativity around the app that i'm sure you may have noticed but I don't want to go into any of that instead I want to share with you how I use the app in my day to day. 

Instagram can be a wonderful place if you use it in a valuable way for you
Here are the three ways I use instagram and can highly recommend it:

1. Friendship
There's an incredible community on instagram you just have to find it. 
It really can be a place to meet new people and actually make some real friends. All you need to do to start is send a simple DM (direct message) and you're off. It's actually much easier than trying to do the same in real life in a room full of strangers. There's something about having a conversation with words over an inspiring image that can make a connection. After all time is so valuable and for someone to spend a moment sending a message really is worth all the effort. I for one have made some incredible friends through the app. It's been a place to find my tribe and a network of supportive women in business too.

2. Inspiration
It is true inspiration is everywhere but especially on instagram. Use it to inspire your everyday, from up-cycling an old t-shirt or mending a broken vase to how to style an outfit.

3. Discovery
I can't even count the number of new brands, small businesses, big businesses, artists, designers, poets, writers, photographers and more that i've discovered on instagram over the past few years there are so many. Use it to discover all of the things that aren't on your doorstop or your everyday. With the save feature mine has become a miniature pinterest board.

On that point here are five instagram feeds that are really inspiring me this month.
I hope they inspire you too.

A fellow fashion lover and lovely human, her wardrobe is to die for. I love seeing her daily #ootd and styling tips.

Home to transform a rented abode she'll inspire your interior design in no time and also has the sweetest pup.

A sewing inspiration and a hand made wardrobe of dreams. Elisalex makes me want to call in sick and sew all day long. One talented lady.

I had the pleasure of meeting London based Interior Designers Jordan & Russell at an event last year and they are as lovely as their feed. They have an incredible eye for design.

Super talented illustrator and the kindest human. Her florals and pretty pastel feed bring me all the joy.

Remember instagram isn't real life and now go and unfollow all of the accounts that don't spark joy (Marie Kondo your instagram!) and make that scrolling more meaningful. After all life is too short right?!

Zeena X

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Sharing a bed with your boyfriend and the mattress of dreams

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have never been one for going all out on Valentine's day nor do I expect any grand gestures and a sea of red roses from my lovely boyfriend Zack. He knows it's just not very me. That said I do love anything covered with a heart shaped print and any excuse for some self love and sleep wellness this Galentines, Valentines or Palentines day.

Sleep is a funny old thing, it's such an important part of life, health and well being and somehow something that gets neglected. I often struggle with sleep and go through phases of sleeping like a baby and then there are nights when I don't sleep at all. Zack is the complete opposite and I am always envious of his ability to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Whilst I lay beside him in complete turmoil unable to stop my brain from racing through tomorrow's to do list. Hoping I don't wake him up. It doesn't help that I am a night owl and he is an up at at 'em morning person either. 

For me the hard task of trying to quiet my mind and get ready for a restful night's sleep ensues. I've tried the delicious scented lavender sleep sprays, relaxing baths and mindfulness apps which are lovely (I do adore a sleep spray) but they don't always seem to work for me sadly. So you can imagine I was super excited when eve sleep got in touch about their mattresses of dreams and how it might be the solution to some of our sleeping woes.

It was possibly the speediest delivery we've ever experienced, our mattress arrived in less than 24 hours in the signature tall narrow box that we've all seen on TV. I of course wanted to get inside it as soon as we'd pulled the mattress out! The power of vacum packaging will never cease to amaze me. It went from as flat as a pancake to fluffy marshmallow in no time at all. We might have even jumped on it!

Zack in his element...
I was particularly impressed with the packaging and attention to detail.

There's always a bit of an adjustment period when sharing a bed with someone... 
Zack and I have been together for three years and we both have some annoying and loveable habits and when better to share them with you all than on Valentine's day... 

"Zeena is a little "fidge" as I like to call her, as when we first get into bed she will fidget and wriggle for ages until she is comfortable. Very cute, if she didn't move the mattress so much and wake me up. With the eve mattress I don't feel a thing, the mattress is super cushioned and the memory foam means I don't feel my little "fidge" at all!" says Zack.

Zack is a particularly light sleeper, despite trying my hardest to creep into bed without waking him up I always seem to as I am indeed a wriggler. That said he hasn't seemed to notice with our memory foam filled eve mattress.

"Zeena is always cold, especially before bed, she will then whack up the heating just as we get into bed. Now I am a warm person who tends to sleep without any covers or clothes.. so I get pretty sweaty with the heating on. The lovely cool, breathable mattress eve has made is just perfect for cooling me down, even though I'm roasting next to the radiator!" says Zack.

I am indeed always cold and even go to bed with socks on. I am that person! I love to layer up with the duvet and blankets much to Zack's annoyance. I call him my personal radiator when we get into bed because he is a hot water bottle. Wonderful in winter but less fun in Summer I can't wait to see what a difference the cooling layer of our eve mattress makes. The dreamy linen sheet set that arrived from eve really are the most luxurious bed fellows. I cannot imagine life without a linen bed sheet now there's something quite nostalgic about proper sheets.

Despite our sleeping habits we always wake up in each other's arms and it's the nicest way to start the day before jumping in the shower, getting dressed and heading out for the day. We both work long hours so it's often the most we see each other and so having a good night's sleep is so important and really makes all the difference. We are most certainly more grumpy when we don't sleep well.

Whatever tines-day your celebrating make sure sleep wellness is at the top of your list we already feel refreshed and raring to go. The only thing our eve mattress doesn't seem to help me out with is Zack's impossibly loud snoring... if you have any good tips for how to get him to quieten down I am all ears.

If you'd like any extra sleeping tips and to learn about eve sleep you can find out more hereOur mattress and luxury linen sheet set was very kindly gifted by eve sleep, i've included the links so you can find them easily over on their website. 
PS. They've also got an amazing offer on until the 17th of February, so be quick!

This post is sponsored by eve sleep, thank you for reading. I hope it helps you sleep as well as we did.
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