Monday, 25 March 2019

Desperately seeking spring

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for the seasons to change and Spring to really arrive. There is something so magical about this time of year as the mornings grow brighter and the evenings get lighter there’s a feeling of change in the air. The daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops pop their heads out of the ground and there’s suddenly some colour after the grey and dark of the winter months. 

Colour has a very similar affect to sunshine with it's mood boosting properties it can work wonders for mental health and wellbeing. If it's grey and sad outside it most definitely doesn't need to be so everywhere and simply adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe can change a mood considerably and it definitely does mine. 

I've always loved colour and been drawn to it throughout my life. It's become an important part of my career as an art director, designer, stylist and maker and something that always inspires me. Now more so than ever I find myself wearing colour on a daily basis too. I have ditched the black, navy and grey garments from my wardrobe (that are still very loved) and turned to the more rainbow brights instead. I am naturally a very positive person anyway but have to admit I am filled with utter joy when wearing colour be it a bright red jumpsuit, pastel stripes or a pink and yellow floral frilled dress. 

When the gorgeous British brand Traffic People got in touch about partnering with them to share some of their new collection with my readers I was so excited especially as their collections are so full of colour and pattern. The brand began their story on Portobello market in West London, a place i'd often go to find inspiration and source vintage pieces for my much smaller wardrobe back when I was an art student. I'm sharing four dreamy outfits perfect for the soon to arrive Spring and Summer and Wedding seasons with you all from their collection. 

Ironically it was absolutely freezing and a very grey day when I decided to hop on a train down to Devon to tell the story of these beautiful pieces. Beside the sea alongside the fitting colourful beach huts is where I headed. Luckily the sunshine came out for us in the end... and I now have even more appreciation for models!

I've styled these pieces really simply and true to my own personal style with golden hoop earrings, mucky old converse, colourful statement socks (if you follow me over on instagram you'll know I pay particular of attention to my socks) and a raffia headband. Colour is so easy to wear if you're thinking to yourself how on earth do I wear colour... you simply just have to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Once you know which shade suits you then the rest is easy. As I have dark hair and skin I suit bolder shades like oranges and softer pale yellows which if you are very fair will either contrast too much or wash you out completely. I like to pick one statement colour and pair it with neutrals so for example a red jumpsuit will look fabulous with nude shoes or a raffia headband. Once you know what works for you it can become a recipe to create and style your wardrobe.

I hope this post has inspired you all to wear more colour and take a peek at Traffic People's colourful new collections. Now let's hope the sunshine comes out for us all soon. 

Here are the links for each of the items I wore #Fallinlovewithtp
Red Frill Jumpsuit / Striped Wrap Dress / Floral Ruffle Dress 

This post is sponsored by Traffic People, a huge thank you to them for Spring outfits that really do spark joy!


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The Lilac Edit

Lilac, mauve, pale purple, grey blue, whatever you call it lilac is going to be a big trend this year. Following it's debut as Pantone's colour of the year in 2018 it's been creeping into wardrobes and interiors trends ever since.

If you follow me over on instagram you'll know I am a huge lilac fan, i'm mean i'll take any pastel colour. Dressing colourfully for me sparks joy and here are my top picks for a March wardrobe update. Lots of these pieces will be timeless as you can't go wrong with knitwear or a polka dot dress. Style with whites, neutrals or more pastels. 
Plus there's even some sale bargains...

Happy shopping!

Zeena X

PS. This post contains affiliate links, this means I may earn a very small % of any sales that are made through the link, this doesn't add any cost to you it just helps me run my blog and pay for the monthly hosting :) 
Thank you for reading!
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