Tuesday, 14 September 2010

and the WINNER is...

thank you all for entering my lovely little give-a-way and for you're even lovelier comments!
chosen at random
the lucky winner of a red little owl called clive is....

Cut Copy Create!

and because your comments were so sweet i've decided to give away a few more treats too..

a green little owl called clive goes to...

Fiona Pattinson!

who wrote a fab ode to clive so she definitely deserves to be a winner!

ode to Clive,
who looks so wise,
he always knows what to say,
when things don't always go my way,

And in my darkest hours,
he twit a woo's my sorrows,
which helps, make a better tomorrow.

Thank you Clive,
for being you.
And i hope someone will love you,
as much as I do. 

and my last treat is a susie shopper and lovely lavender birdie which goes to... 


thank you all again for taking the time to visit my blog! 
please do email me your addresses so i can send you your treats!

heart zeena xx


  1. Gutted I didn't win Clive, but that is so sweet of you to give out extra prizes! You are clearly a very nice person! :)

  2. hehe! you might be lucky next time! :) there will be more give-a-ways to come... next stop 500! eek!! xxx

  3. Well done to the winners! I bet there excited about receiving their goodies!! x


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