Wednesday, 27 May 2020

3 easy ways to bring some joy into your home during lockdown

If like me you're starting to get bored of staring at the same 4 walls then I've got some easy ways to bring some joy back into your homes and refresh your view. 

Living in a tiny one bedroom flat isn't the worst thing right now but it has been starting to feel a bit like groundhog day so I've shaken things up with our styling and picked up a few pieces to help me bring some colour positivity into our living space as well!

1. Flower Power

There's nothing more mood boosting than fresh flowers. A simple luxury that can bring a whole lot of joy. I've been getting my fix from Bloom & Wild, they make the perfect gift. PS. You can use my name at the check out to get £10 off your first order with their refer a friend scheme.

If you're after some more sustainable blooms they I can't recommend the Happy Blossoms enough. Not only will they bring you instant joy but they last a whole year. You'll also be supporting a small business what better feel good than that hey! 

Bunch of dried colourful sustainable flowers and reeds

2. Colourful Objects

I am a huge colour lover, if you follow me over on instagram you'll know it's instinct more than anything. I am often asked how to style colour at home and my reply is to start small with an object or if you're feeling brave go big with a statement piece of furniture. I've of course done both. Here are some of my favourite colourful objects I'm lusting after right now.

1. Shell Vase |  2. Table Bowl | 3. Candy Lamp 

3. Do Gallery Wall

Use your walls! There's nothing like brightening up your view with some art. Why not get creative and draw something you can frame - creativity is wonderful for the mind. There are plenty of free creative classes online weekly over on the Marguerite London instagram.

If you'd rather support an artist than be one here are my top picks for where to shop for wall art.


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