Monday, 23 July 2018

How To Print Your own Fabric And Make A Dress

Hi guys!
Happy Monday. Here's a little bit of Monday Motivation for you all by way of this dreamy new Stevie dress sewing pattern from the power house that is Tilly and the Buttons. 
Here's a little behind the scenes video with fellow model the lovely Sew Happy Alex.

You might notice the model is rather familiar and you're right. Not only did I model this gorgeous new dress pattern Tilly created but I also printed the fabric! And you can too via this DIY guest post I wrote all about it over on Tilly's blog. Oh and I used a Parsnip to print with if you can believe it! Get the full how to over on Tilly's blog. I used a parsnip to had print a random repeat pattern for this pink linen from my fabric stash. It's so simple and so much fun. The best thing about it is that each print is totally unique. If you're keen to learn a bit more about print design and fabric printing then check out my book How to Print Fabric for all the know how, tips and tricks.

Here are some more snaps of the dress so you can see the complete print design.


Zeena X



  1. Thank you for responding to my question, I never would have thought to try patterning my own fabric and now i will definitely give it a go!

    1. Hooray! That is great news, it's so easy and such a brilliant technique too! xx


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