Sunday, 8 July 2018

5 Perfect White Summer Dresses You Need Right Now

Hey guys,

Double whammy this evening as i've had a lot of lovely comments on some of my recent summer outfits - thank you! - it's prompted me to share a bit more about my wardrobe choices and style finds in my Sunday evening browse at the shops online. 

I for one LOVE online shopping. Do you love or loathe it? I always get mixed reviews from friends and family but I absolutely love it as i'm sure you can tell from my insta stories... I have to say my current returns pile is a crime to living a plastic free life so it's not sustainable for certain and I promise to try harder. I think the key to nailing online shopping is knowing what size will fit you from each different store. For example I know i'm always an XS in Zara and an 8 in Topshop so once you have the right formula it's at least 80% more accurate and your more likely to be onto some winners. That said the returns pile is a definite thing so if you're prepared to be at the post office regularly then it's definitely for you.

An embroidered white dress is a completely timeless summer piece that will never fall out of fashion and something you must all have at least one of in your wardrobes. You can always dress them up or down, team with red lipstick or a flat sandal and you have a multitude of looks. 
So here are my top 5 dreamy white embroidered summer dresses that you need this invest in this summer. I promise you won't regret it. 

First up is this scallop edge pretty from Other Stories £85

Love the Broderie panels on this Topshop one £55

I've just added this one to my basket also from Other Stories £85

Loved the simplicity of this one H&M £49.99

Lastly there's this incredible one from Valentino £2480 - because a girl can dream right

Happy Shopping!

Zeena X


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