Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Pink Palace - What It's Like To Live In An Art Deco Home

I've been wanting to write a post about my home for a while now so here it is. If you follow me over on instagram you'll know I live in East London with my boyfriend in what I like to call the Pink Palace. It is of course not a palace in the slightest - and actually a very small rented flat - but it is PINK and it is most definitely home! 

What does home mean to you? For me it's somewhere to rest, relax and plan but also somewhere to really make my own through interior design and decor. I for one like to live surrounded by things that inspire me so wanted to share some images of the interior. It's a work in progress still as with most things taste is ever evolving and I am yet to find that perfect gallery wall piece.

I often find myself collecting objects, books, postcards that inspire me and love to curate my shelves with these precious things so they can be seen and not hidden away in a drawer or cupboard. Being named Zeena also means I have a bit of a thing for anything with the letter Z on it. Trust me they're harder to find than you think and so I make sure to buy anything I see.

Our furniture is a mixture of Vintage a West Elm pieces. I love the quality and sustainable ethos of the brand and was so impressed with their delivery service too. Our coffee table has a clever storage compartment inside it to hide away any clutter. The problem with living in a listed art deco building is storage. There is none. So we've had to be very creative and clever with our purchases. The media console from West Elm is really beautiful and hides away many things.

Plants are also super important for me to have in the home, I love the pop of green against the pink of our building - there's no better colour combo. They're also very revitalising and lend themselves so well to the style of our building. As long as we manage to keep them alive that is. 

All images are taken by Tia Tuovinen as part of an article for The Collective, have a read of the full post here.

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