Saturday, 22 January 2011

printing fun with access art.

i ran a really exciting workshop today with the lovely ladies at access art as part of the studio project - a great website that lets you share skills and swap ideas. if you're interested in teaching or running workshops it's a brilliant resource. we experimented with lots of printing techniques including screen printing - my favourite! 
it was a great day and here are some photos of all the lovely work they made! they were so creative i'm feeling very proud!

oh i do love a spot of printing!
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zeena x



  1. ooh looks like fun. any chance you'll do one in london?

  2. it was soo much fun! i'd really like to do one in london soon so keep your eyes peeled xx

  3. We'll be posting the full resources on the Studio Project soon so keep your eyes out at

  4. Looks like such a good, fun day... come to Scotland and do one! :)


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