Thursday, 8 July 2010

mary queen of shops.

my favourite stockists no 37 old london road were on TV last week!! their lovely little shop was revamped by the amazing mary portas! 
it was so exciting to watch! 

they had a super fun cocktail party to celebrate...

not sure if it's very polite to sit on mary's face.

if you missed it, don't worry you can catch it here on bbc i player!

you can find my cushions, tea towels, tote bags, lavender treats and more at no37.
go, go, go...

zeena xx


  1. Wow! I really loved that episode last week! Have wanted to plan a visit ever since... might get my hands on some of your lovely work whilst I'm down there then :)

  2. I will look forward to watching this - I have sky+ it!


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