Friday, 2 April 2010

and the winner is...

thank you everyone for all your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit my little blog... it's time to announce my two lucky winners and my super duper mystery guest...!

introducing noodoll my favourite illustrated character who is made entirely of noodles! 

noodoll has kindly randomly chosen our two lucky winners...

Crafty Chicita Amanda is winner number one!

Stuffed Nonsense is winner number two!

hooray! well done! please email me your addresses so i can pop your printed treats in the post for you!

take a peek at the wonderful world of noodoll, visit noodle and rice town at for some super cute accessories and lovely softies! i heart a cloud called noo-storm!

heart zeena x


  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your lovely designs on Misi and realised that I live just around the corner from your new shop in Kingston! How random is that?! Happy crafting from a fellow Kingstonian!

    [on Misi and Etsy!]

  2. ohhh wow wow wow wow!!! i cant believe i won your giveaway!! hehehehe! thankyou...will email you the address post haste!

  3. Yehay. I'm a winner too! Thank you so much.


  4. Congratulations to teh happy winners :)


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