Thursday, 14 February 2019

Sharing a bed with your boyfriend and the mattress of dreams

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have never been one for going all out on Valentine's day nor do I expect any grand gestures and a sea of red roses from my lovely boyfriend Zack. He knows it's just not very me. That said I do love anything covered with a heart shaped print and any excuse for some self love and sleep wellness this Galentines, Valentines or Palentines day.

Sleep is a funny old thing, it's such an important part of life, health and well being and somehow something that gets neglected. I often struggle with sleep and go through phases of sleeping like a baby and then there are nights when I don't sleep at all. Zack is the complete opposite and I am always envious of his ability to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Whilst I lay beside him in complete turmoil unable to stop my brain from racing through tomorrow's to do list. Hoping I don't wake him up. It doesn't help that I am a night owl and he is an up at at 'em morning person either. 

For me the hard task of trying to quiet my mind and get ready for a restful night's sleep ensues. I've tried the delicious scented lavender sleep sprays, relaxing baths and mindfulness apps which are lovely (I do adore a sleep spray) but they don't always seem to work for me sadly. So you can imagine I was super excited when eve sleep got in touch about their mattresses of dreams and how it might be the solution to some of our sleeping woes.

It was possibly the speediest delivery we've ever experienced, our mattress arrived in less than 24 hours in the signature tall narrow box that we've all seen on TV. I of course wanted to get inside it as soon as we'd pulled the mattress out! The power of vacum packaging will never cease to amaze me. It went from as flat as a pancake to fluffy marshmallow in no time at all. We might have even jumped on it!

Zack in his element...
I was particularly impressed with the packaging and attention to detail.

There's always a bit of an adjustment period when sharing a bed with someone... 
Zack and I have been together for three years and we both have some annoying and loveable habits and when better to share them with you all than on Valentine's day... 

"Zeena is a little "fidge" as I like to call her, as when we first get into bed she will fidget and wriggle for ages until she is comfortable. Very cute, if she didn't move the mattress so much and wake me up. With the eve mattress I don't feel a thing, the mattress is super cushioned and the memory foam means I don't feel my little "fidge" at all!" says Zack.

Zack is a particularly light sleeper, despite trying my hardest to creep into bed without waking him up I always seem to as I am indeed a wriggler. That said he hasn't seemed to notice with our memory foam filled eve mattress.

"Zeena is always cold, especially before bed, she will then whack up the heating just as we get into bed. Now I am a warm person who tends to sleep without any covers or clothes.. so I get pretty sweaty with the heating on. The lovely cool, breathable mattress eve has made is just perfect for cooling me down, even though I'm roasting next to the radiator!" says Zack.

I am indeed always cold and even go to bed with socks on. I am that person! I love to layer up with the duvet and blankets much to Zack's annoyance. I call him my personal radiator when we get into bed because he is a hot water bottle. Wonderful in winter but less fun in Summer I can't wait to see what a difference the cooling layer of our eve mattress makes. The dreamy linen sheet set that arrived from eve really are the most luxurious bed fellows. I cannot imagine life without a linen bed sheet now there's something quite nostalgic about proper sheets.

Despite our sleeping habits we always wake up in each other's arms and it's the nicest way to start the day before jumping in the shower, getting dressed and heading out for the day. We both work long hours so it's often the most we see each other and so having a good night's sleep is so important and really makes all the difference. We are most certainly more grumpy when we don't sleep well.

Whatever tines-day your celebrating make sure sleep wellness is at the top of your list we already feel refreshed and raring to go. The only thing our eve mattress doesn't seem to help me out with is Zack's impossibly loud snoring... if you have any good tips for how to get him to quieten down I am all ears.

If you'd like any extra sleeping tips and to learn about eve sleep you can find out more hereOur mattress and luxury linen sheet set was very kindly gifted by eve sleep, i've included the links so you can find them easily over on their website. 
PS. They've also got an amazing offer on until the 17th of February, so be quick!

This post is sponsored by eve sleep, thank you for reading. I hope it helps you sleep as well as we did.

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